The musical project: Jonatan Bäckelie

The start of a deeper journey

2016 I debuted under my own name, and released the full length album ”Darkness on the Edge of Ecstasy”. Available on double vinyl, at iTunes and streaming platforms all around you.

The idea behind the LP title is a reference to the Christian mystic John of the Cross. but through a play on words with Bruce Springsteen’s ”Darkness on the Edge of Town”. John of the Cross has written the book ”The Dark Night of the Soul”, which talks about the predicament the mystic finds him/herself in. Finding the mystical component of reality often means that you start directing your life towards this. The rest of reality, in John’s words, tastes like ashes in your mouth. But there is yet another step to the mystical journey, the one where both mystery and everyday life gets this distinctive taste. This is the dark night of the soul. This is also the reference I make in this deep and dark exploration, that you may find both ecstasy and darkness and that it’s not an altogether pleasant experience. But it’s still worth it. It is a case of, as Carl Jung puts it, seeking meaning, not pleasure.