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Jonatan Bäckelie is a Swedish singer, composer, producer and theologian. Raised in an extremely charismatic Pentecostal environment, Jonatan came in contact with rave culture at age 12 and recognised; ’Here is another technique for reaching those altered states of consciousness that the church so cherishes’. Bäckelie has released music on some of the world’s finest underground electronic imprints, such as FComm, Hospital, and Compost.
In 2016, Berlin-based Sonar Kollektiv released his debut album ”Darkness on the Edge of Ecstasy” – a nod to both Bruce Springsteen and the mystic John of the Cross. Bäckelie has toured the world, filled dance floors, performed his songs with the Lithuanian State symphony orchestra, and is currently running a Burning Man-style monastery in the heart of the Swedish countryside in Östergötland.